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August 05, 2019 by the Evening Collective
Champagne trailers? Margarita trucks? Check out some of our favorite fun and unexpected wedding vendors.
Modern weddings have started to include food trucks and other fun twists on the classic vendors. But how many times have you been to a wedding with a champagne trailer? Or a MARGARITA TRUCK? Make your ceremony stand out and send everybody home with lasting and insta-worthy memories with these fun and unexpected vendors!

Check out some of our favorite unique vendors below:
Get Cozy Bars

one-of-a-kind vintage vehicles serving up perfectly chilled prosecco and craft beer at your wedding.

Photo courtesy of: @getcozyvintagemobilebars
The Booth Bus
Location: California

A vintage bus turned photobooth. With insane prints and ability to share your pics via social media on the spot this bus is sure to make guests smile.

Photo courtesy of:
Bubble Bros
Location: New York City

the OG prosecco van and bubble bike bring dangerously delicious bubbles to your reception.

Photo courtesy of:
Carmela Ice Cream
Location: California

a vintage ice cream truck, a push cart with umbrella, or an elegant table setup? these guys keep the party cool serving up handmade ice cream with seasonal, farmers market produce for weddings of any size.

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Rasta Rita Margarita Truck
Location: California

Tequila! this one-of-a-kind, world famous margarita bar on wheels is a popular favorite with handmade mixes like cucumber mint ginger and jalapeño cilantro. sure to be a crowd pleaser.

Photo courtesy of:
Classic Crust Pizza Truck
Location: New York

Wood fired gourmet pizza with a fully customizable menu. this sweet 1946 classic Chevrolet truck has everything- beer taps, music, lighting, rustic tables and of course pizza!

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