The New Bridesmaid Experience

August 05, 2019 by the Evening Collective
We’re evening collective and we’re here to make it easier than ever to find fantastic dresses for your entire party.
We started the Evening Collective because we saw something missing. We’re NYC natives working in the heart of the Garment District, so obviously, we love fashion. But we saw that no matter how much you love fashion, being a bridesmaid was one of the quickest ways to hate shopping for a dress. Everywhere you look, you find ugly styles, frustrating websites, and confusing options, all while you’re juggling a group of bridesmaids with different body shapes, skin tones, and tastes.

With that in mind, we talked to tons of brides and bridesmaids, listened to both their love stories and their horror stories, and set out to create a new experience that takes away both the frustration and the frumpiness. Evening Collective is all about beautiful bridesmaid dresses, but it’s incredibly important to us that the process of buying dresses should be easy, social, and fun with lots of ways to coordinate and share your dresses and ideas with the party. We set out to make it easier than ever to find fantastic dresses for an entire party, whether you want matched dresses for everyone or if you want a “make it your own” look based around a family of colors. Want to see it for yourself? Go start a showroom and look around! We’d love to hear what you think, so once you’ve had a look, send us your feedback.

We’ve only just begun, so we have a lot of exciting plans to make it even more special for you and your friends and loved ones. Stay tuned!

We are the Evening Collective, and we’re happy you’re with us!
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